Custom Songs



Give a friend or loved one the unique gift of their very own custom song. Move them to tears or bring on the laughter with a song that shows how special they are to you.

Speakers and businesses, regardless of your mission, get an inspiring song to help bring your branding and marketing to a new level.

I’ll create an original and impactful, radio ready song for you that you can call YOUR very own! You’ll receive the MP3 and a CD (if you wish). I have a bit of a knack for writing storytelling songs and now I want to tell YOUR story.  I want to create a memorable experience for you through the power of music.

I write custom songs for:

Special Occasions/Couples

Couples 1-Engagements



-Valentine’s Day


-Birth of a child

-Loss/Celebration of Life

-Birthdays…or any other occasion


Businesses, Seminars/Speakers



-Mission Statements

(use the song at live or virtual events, within your webinars and more)




Click on a photo above to discover how the process works, to hear song examples, and to view pricing.

Song Examples

My Love Is Yours For Life (Engagement) LISTEN

Today And Always (I Do) (Wedding) LISTEN

Always Believe In Us (Wedding) LISTEN

She’s Mine All Mine (Valentine’s Day) LISTEN

God’s Little Gift (Birth) LISTEN

Someday (Loss/Celebration of Life) LISTEN

You’re Not Alone (Awareness/Mental Health) LISTEN

Young And Free (Reunion) LISTEN