“Marc Dorian combines the classic colossal riffs and backbeats of Bon Jovi with the open-road romanticism of John Mellencamp…”

…and now you can get 3 of his songs for free!

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His music “aches with the sort of melancholic retrospection that comes with every sip of whiskey taken after midnight.”-Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest

“…his pop friendly voice laced with cigar residue turns out a heady stew of personality.” -Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

“He’s a triple threat entertainer-the likability factor in his voice off the charts.” -Troy Johnston, Official FAME Magazine

As one Program Director from 105.3FM EZRock, in Sudbury, Ontario put it, “Marc is an insightful songwriter with a good knack for a great story.”

From behind his piano and keyboards, Marc incorporates elements of rock, country, and blues as he creates his own, unique brand of “Heartland Rock.” He uses thoughtful, storytelling lyrics to craft highly relatable songs that have an overall optimistic tone. In short, if you’re a fan of roots-rock music made by REAL people playing REAL instruments, and singing songs about REAL life, you’ll want to add Marc Dorian to your collection.

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