Imagine surprising a loved one with a unique and timeless gift, their very own love song or maybe their very own ‘fun’ song? I’ll take your story and transform your ideas into an emotional, impactful love song or a unique birthday song or a song for any special occasion. I have several years of experience as a comedic-piano entertainer, so if there’s some light roasting or inside jokes you want inserted into an upbeat song, I’ve got you covered. The song can be a surprise gift or you can have that special someone involved in the creative process. Either way, is not a problem.

How does it work? (Hear Song Examples Below)

  • We’ll have a casual consultation, over Skype or Zoom so we can discuss the content and aspects of your song. I’ll ask you some questions, gather info about you and your loved one and hear some details about your love story, birthday party etc. We’ll hone in on your desired vibe and feel for the song.
  • After our ‘interview’ I’ll write a first draft of the song with melody and lyrics. I’ll contact you so you can hear this demo. You can review the lyrics over email and upon approval I’ll start the next phase.
  • Your song will be professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered in a pro level recording studio. Through my connections/relationships with professional musicians, producers, and studios, you’ll end up with a radio-ready song!
  • Just so you’ll have something extra special to physically give as a present, I’ll gift wrap a CD (don’t worry you’ll get an MP3 too) along with a lyric sheet. As an add on, if you choose, I can offer a custom plaque with CD and engraved lyrics which will resemble your very own ‘platinum album’ to hang on the wall! As mentioned, you’ll receive an MP3 so you can download and play it wherever you’d like or better yet, send the MP3 to that special someone in a surprise email. Imagine their reaction when they hear their own song for the first time and read the meaningful lyrics.
  • Want to create an even more personal experience? I can perform the song live, in person at your special event (if my schedule allows) be it, an engagement/proposal, wedding, birthday party, or any other celebration.


When you give someone a custom song, it’s more than just a gift, you’re creating a unique experience for them. And people remember experiences more than they ever remember gifts!

So, please have a listen to the special song examples below.

Let’s chat today. Due to demand and schedules I can only take on a limited number of custom songs each year, so please plan in advance. Want to start the process? Just send an email to info@MarcDorianMusic.com, please write ‘Custom Song’ in the subject line.  Drop me a line if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Song Examples

My Love Is Yours For Life (Engagement) LISTEN

Today And Always (I Do) (Wedding) LISTEN

Always Believe In Us (Wedding) LISTEN

She’s Mine All Mine (Valentine’s Day) LISTEN

God’s Little Gift (Birth) LISTEN

Someday (Loss/Celebration of Life) LISTEN

You’re Not Alone (Awareness/Mental Health) LISTEN

Young And Free (Reunion) LISTEN

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Professionally recorded, radio-ready song $2497

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Optional Add-Ons:

CD and Lyrics engraved on a ‘Platinum Album’ Plaque $250

Framed, hand written lyrics $100

*Live Performance of the song at your event (can be discussed)