Old Fashioned Downloading

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Can you relate to this? By the time I was ten years old cassettes were the main way I consumed music. What we refer to as playlists today were once the mix tapes we made. I can remember listening to the radio, waiting for the Top 9 at 9pm to play that night’s favorite requests and hoping the DJ would stop talking in time so I could press play and record together in just enough time to record that intro to my favorite song.

Of course, it was always fun to visit a record store to purchase a new cassette tape. I’d get home and read all the liner notes and lyrics inside. I wanted to know who wrote the songs, who played on what, and then I’d listen to the whole tape from top to bottom. (Confession, I still like liner notes).

When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license I’d pop a cassette into mom or dad’s borrowed car, turn it up and soak in that sweet taste of freedom.

Burning CD To Cassette

After high school, I wanted to explore more contemporary music so I chose to study at a jazz school. Though I never got to a point to consider myself a full blown jazz player I’m so thankful for the knowledge I obtained and the world of musicianship that was opened up to me, learning about the sounds of that art form and about its history.

But the sound and language of jazz was pretty foreign to my 18 year old ears. To familiarize myself with the genre I’d visit the university’s music library to ‘borrow’ jazz CDs. I’d get back to my dorm room and pop the CD in the player and record tons of music to cassette. I suppose this was a form of pirating before we ever heard of Napster. It was for study purposes though.

When I came across the photo above it took me back to those days of my youth and it gave me a good laugh. I’m happy that vinyl has made such a comeback and that it’s in fashion again to visit record stores. If you think about it, back in those days, record stores were kind of like the Apple stores of today. They were crowded all the time. I used to hang out in there all afternoon. Now, I hear about people kicking themselves for getting rid of their old vinyl collection, but who knew it would come around again?

What do you think, will cassettes make a comeback too?

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