“He knows how to light up a room and turn the crowd in his direction-it’s evident in the gregarious tone in his vocals. His pop friendly voice laced with cigar residue…a juicy mix of vintage Dr. John and Eric Clapton, meshed with modern riffs.
-Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

“Marc Dorian’s voice is smoky and lean. Everything here aches with the sort of melancholic retrospection that comes with every sip of whiskey taken after midnight. It’s intoxicating…entirely the sort of style that has been missing from the bulk of the FM dial for far too long now.”
-Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest

“Piano-driven adult contemporary with a wholesome and honest feel.”
-Melody Baetens, The Detroit News

“He’s a “triple threat” entertainer-the likability factor in his voice off the charts. His inflection in certain words is endearing. I liked the gravel in his voice…you can tell he’s singing from his gut.”
-Troy Johnston, Official FAME Magazine

“Dorian’s debut CD is a collection of keyboard-fueled, radio ready tracks.”
-Jennifer Layton,

“A finely-crafted generally upbeat album that fits right in with most modern radio formats. On the whole this is just an exceptionally-worked piece of pop that’s true to the artist and honest in the messages he conveys.”
-Dan Brisebois,