The Heart Of Rock & Roll In Detroit

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Huey Lewis & The News were catapulted to the top of the charts and to the forefront of pop culture in the 1980s. They had a string of hit songs including, “The Power Of Love” from the movie Back To The Future. Huey even made a small cameo in the film.

Their massive, chart topping album, Sports was released in 1983. I believe it was one of the first records I ever bought before I transitioned to cassette tapes, on which I’d go on to have their entire catalog.

Huey Lewis has been unable to perform since being diagnosed with Ménière’s disease in 2018. The band had been recording new music prior to his hearing issues making what likely will be their last recording, a seven song album, “Weather” which was released in 2020.

In 2013, while working with the Detroit based band Your Generation, I opened up for Huey Lewis & The News on their 30th anniversary tour of the album, Sports. I don’t usually bother artists I’ve had the pleasure of opening up for, nor am I one to rush for a photo opportunity but in this case, I’m glad I had the chance to say hello and let him know that I owned all of his cassettes when I was a kid. To which he responded in his gruff voice, “I’ve been doing this a long time!” It’s a nice memory for me.

Despite his sad diagnosis and the dire fact that he’ll likely never sing again, I’ve read and heard lots of interviews where he remains very positive and grateful for the life and career he’s had. He often comments that he’s “a lucky guy.” He indeed had a great run and it serves as a good reminder for myself to always maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Thanks Huey.

Have you ever met a celebrity or famous musician? Did they live up to your expectations?


  • Larry Rhindress says:

    Hi Marc, I’ve met your brother Dan a couple of times, but wasn’t aware that he had a music brother. Dan is as good as anyone on this planet in any genre!
    Besides being an incredible singer/songwriter/ musician, he’s a good guy. Best of luck on your brother’s project, I’m looking forward to hearing it. Good things will happen with your music!

  • Larry Rhindress says:

    My first comment was going to be, Huey Lewis, I have been listening to him for over 35 years. You would have to be very special to open for The News!
    That is real music at it’s very best!!!
    Congratulations to you!!!!
    Sorry this should have been in my first reply.

  • Wendy Dona says:

    Ive met Rita McNeil, believe it or not in Woolco. She was soft spoken and gracious. I know you, Marc, from high school days when you were the president of the student union. You were always kind to me and said hi. I like listening to your music because it’s a part of who you are and it resonates peoples feelings. I’d say you are a pretty awesome musician!

    Wendy Dona

    • Rita was a Canadian gem, indeed. That doesn’t surprise me to hear how gracious she was with you. After I got married, I wanted to show my wife around a bit in Cape Breton. I hadn’t been back in so long. One of our stops was to grab a bite at Rita’s Tea Room. It brought back so many memories for me as a child driving along that route with my parents. Wendy, that’s a wonderful sentiment to share that you think my music resonates with peoples’ feelings. That’s really what it’s all about. I know you are a big part of reunion planning. Ironically, a song on my album, “Young And Free” is all about those high school and college days memories. When a video comes out, I’ll be sure to share it with you. Thanks again, for the comment and sharing that Rita story. Cheers!

  • Nancy Roberts says:

    I have met Criss Angel and believe it or not, he started out as a musician. I own his c.d.s and they are not what I expected. After hearing his music, you can understand why Jonathan Davis is one of his best friends!! Criss is very kind and just what I expected. Also, I have met John Travolta. He, too, is a musician, of sorts… a singer. He is also very kind and we joked around together and shared laughs. A true memory! But there is just one that I have yet to meet and is definitely on my bucket list. I got close a couple of times but just outta arm’s reach. There are 2 other musicians I wouldn’t mind meeting either. I KNOW you know who they are!

    • Nancy, I didn’t know Criss Angel started out as a musician. Very cool. John Travolta, you’re right with Grease, Saturday Night Fever etc the dancing/singing he’s an entertainer for sure.

      Lol, as for the others, well, maybe one day you’ll get your wish.

  • Larry Rhindress says:

    Why the secret Nancy?

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