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As Dan Brisebois of put it, Time Is Precious is “a finely-crafted generally upbeat album that fits right in with most radio formats. On the whole this is just an exceptionally worked piece that’s true to the artist and honest in the messages he conveys.” From behind the piano, Marc blends elements of rock and country, along with blues influences. If you’re a fan of singer songwriters such as John Mellencamp, Jon Bon Jovi, Keith Urban and more like them, you’ll want to add Marc Dorian to your collection.

The music ranges from peppy and fun to the occasional more intimate ballad focusing on priorities, special moments and living life to the fullest. His storytelling lyrical style has captured the attention of critics describing him as “an insightful songwriter with a good knack for a great story.” -Michael Allard, Program Director 105.3FM EZ Rock, Sudbury, Ontario.

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